Regional Network

9 October 2014

Destination Networks (DNs) replace Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs)

The NSW Government on July 6, 2016 announced it would invest $43 million over four years in a major overhaul in the way regional and rural areas attract visitors, including the creation of six new Destination Networks throughout NSW.

Seven Destination Networks have replaced the previous Regional Tourism Organisations structure.

Previously New South Wales was divided into 11 tourism areas to provide a workable administrative structure upon which to manage the visitor economy in this state. These organisations, often called regional tourism organisations or RTOs, were separate independent bodies to Destination NSW. The area is now divided into 7 administration areas, that the Destination Networks now manage. You can contact the Destination Network representing your area directly.

Many destinations in NSW have developed destination management plans. The plans are useful to anyone involved in the visitor economy. They aim is to provide a strategic focus for the destination to sustainably grow the visitor economy.

More information on Destination Networks here

For further information, please contact the Regional Hub team at

Local Tourism Organisations (LTOs) / Visitor Information Centres (VICs)

Within each area of NSW there will be a number of LTOs and VICs working with the local tourism industry, local government, the regional organisation representing the area and Destination NSW. They aim to develop and grow tourism in their local area. Each LTO and VIC operates independently. You should contact your local LTO or VIC to learn more about the services and benefits they offer your area.

The RTO, LTOs and VICs work within, and in partnership with, the diverse local tourism ‘industry’. This industry includes operators, many other business sectors, industry associations, support services and government agencies. A local integrated approach to tourism results in the provision of higher quality tourism products and services to visitors.

Local Councils

Your local council can advise you regarding the building, zoning, operating and health and safety issues that you need to consider for your business. They can tell if you need to make a formal application for approval to develop or operate. The council may have an employee whose role is managing tourism within your local area who can give you up-to-date local knowledge and information on current issues. They may also provide you with the contact details for the LTOs, VICs and tourism manager. The council will also have information on future town planning that may affect your business, eg road works, signage and other developments.