Destination NSW Westpac Tourism Expenditure Monitor

20 September 2019

The Destination NSW Westpac Tourism Expenditure Monitor has been developed in a collaborative partnership between Destination NSW and Westpac. It will ultimately boost our State’s ability to attract more visitors by improving our understanding of how people spend money when they travel throughout NSW. This Monitor should prove particularly beneficial for tourism bodies and operators in rural and remote areas of our State, and assist in ensuring we remain Australia’s number one tourist destination.

This Monitor is designed to complement the National Visitor Survey, which is published quarterly by Tourism Research Australia. The Monitor data is reported by tourism region (geographical areas managed by the Commonwealth Government for research and reporting purposes) and provides top-level monthly reporting on tourism expenditure in NSW, including:

  • The number of visitors to a region – defined as, those who reside greater than 50km from the region;
  • The number of transactions undertaken by visitors; and
  • The value of visitor spending.

By providing greater understanding of tourism expenditure throughout NSW, this Monitor will be pivotal in benchmarking performance, identifying trends and highlighting opportunities for tourism growth.

This report includes information for the period January 2021 to June 2021, including monthly data and quarterly time-series data. All data is de-identified and aggregated and it is managed securely and responsibly in order to deliver this Monitor. The appendices offer guidance on how to interpret information in this report.

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