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10 July 2012

The Get Connected program is open to NSW tourism operators. The tourism business must be located and/or operate its service within NSW. Tourism products must operate out of a physical location; web based businesses are ineligible.


A tourism operator is categorised into one of the following categories:


An accommodation establishment is a place offering accommodation for leisure tourists. Tourism accommodation applying for a listing with Destination NSW must cater for the leisure-tourism market and provide accommodation that is bookable on a nightly, weekly, mid-week or weekend package basis. All accommodation properties must be categorised into one of the standard Get Connected accommodation types: backpacker/hostel, bed and breakfast, caravan/camping, farm stay, hotel and motel or resort. Those businesses offering properties at more than one location/physical address, must take out individual listings for each property.

Destination NSW does not accept a street address as the business name. All accommodation types, including holiday houses and self-contained accommodation must register a suitable product name.

Destination NSW does not facilitate the storage of marketing organisations, agents or retailers. Accommodation offering short-term or long-term leases are not suitable for listing on this website. Accommodation booking services are not eligible to list.

Shared accommodation properties can list with Get Connected providing the property itself is listed. Single or multiple rooms that form part of the property will not be accepted. The Get Connected Team reserve the right to ask for local Council and body corporate approvals and will assume by the Operator accepting these terms and conditions that all relevant local Council laws and approvals and body corporate by laws have been obeyed and sought.


An attraction applying for a listing with Destination NSW must cater for the leisure-tourism market. A tourism attraction is a particular place/area of interest to a leisure tourist, and:

  • is static and has a distinct boundary
  • offers a unique, distinct experience reflecting the area in which it is located
  • is open/accessible most days of the year, with regular opening/access hours
  • can be free to enter or have an admission fee

Tourism attractions are not community/travel services (e.g. banks, laundromats, internet cafés, travel agencies, travel retail stores etc.) are deemed to be “general businesses” and are not permitted membership.

A venue is not automatically a tourism attraction - the event being held at that venue is what may appeal to the leisure tourist (see event definition below).  If however, the venue applying for a listing is an icon in its own right with general or region-wide awareness through historical or cultural significance and regular tours are offered to the public with informative commentary, then it may apply to be considered for a listing and if granted, conditions will apply.

Restaurants, cafes and bars which offer leisure visitors a high quality and/or unique dining experience can list their product on sydney.com and visitnsw.com via the Food & Drink category.


A tourism event is a happening that occurs in a specified timeframe (that is, has a set start and end date). An event may occur at regular intervals, annually (yearly), fortnightly, or once only. Tourism events include, but are not limited to: exhibitions and shows, performances, major sporting fixtures, music, food and wine festivals.

An event organiser applying for a listing with Destination NSW must have an event that is relevant to the leisure tourism market and attract visitation at a local, regional, state, national or international level.


A tourism hire company provides products or services that are hired for a specific period of time and can be used/operated by the leisure tourist.

A hire operator applying for a listing with Destination NSW must offer products for the leisure-tourism market. Hire operators offering products/services relating to party hire, linen, babysitting, wedding hire, catering, business hire are not suitable for listing on this website.

Hire services must be categorised into one of the standard Get Connected hire types: air, bicycle, equipment, vehicle and water.

Food and Drink

A food and drink establishment offers leisure visitors a high-quality dining or beverage experience. They may also offer food-based lessons and workshops, or provide a produce related experience as their primary offering.

Establishments must be categorised into one of the following food and drink types: Bar; Breweries and Distilleries; Cooking School, Lessons and Workshops; Produce; Restaurants and Cafes; Wineries.

Fast Food Franchises are not permitted to list, however take-away venues are permissible in very small regional destinations where no other options exist.


The tour business must primarily cater for the leisure-tourism market. A tour company must offer regular organised excursions with scheduled departures, a personal guide or host and commentary. It may vary in duration from less than a day to one day or extended touring.

Tourist tuition providers include for example: surfing schools; sailing schools; wine appreciation classes at a vineyard; cooking schools etc. Tourist tuition operators must provide a leisure-tourism experience of significant appeal to tourists.

Inbound Tour Operators and those catering predominately to international visitors are not suitable to be listed.

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Please note the above categories do not display on sydney.com or visitnsw.com. Your information will only be displayed on authorised ATDW Distributor websites.

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Destination NSW reserves the final right to reject any product or service if it is felt to be inappropriate for listing on Get Connected and display on visitnsw.com and sydney.com