Tourism Forecasts

1 September 2014

Tourism Research Australia (TRA) provides forecasts of Australian inbound, domestic and outbound travel. This includes forecasts by individual source market and by purpose of visit. TRA also produces State level forecasts for international and domestic visitor nights.

International and Domestic Tourism Forecasts

Employment Forecasts

Australian Tourism Labour Force Report: 2015 - 2020

The Australian Tourism Labour Force Report: 2015–2020 (commissioned by Austrade) was produced by Deloitte Access Economics. It provides a comprehensive picture of the current state of the tourism labour force and associated skills demand and shortages forward to 2020.

Tourism Employment Forecast Report (PDF 1 MB)

This report projects tourism employment in Australia’s state and territory economies over the period 2011−12 to 2029−30. The estimates draw on macro-economic projections for the Australian economy and the interaction between tourism demand and labour supply conditions in each state or territory.